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2 in 1 Brush Cleaning Mop

2 in 1 Brush Cleaning Mop

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Clean in half the time!

Are you tired of relentlessly sweeping your entire house, never achieving the cleanliness you want? HomeMod  helps you do your housework easily and more efficiently. This brush serves both as a brush and a scraper: after brushing the floor, you can easily scrape the sewage. With its 120 maneuverable swivel head, you can easily clean all hard-to-reach areas. You can use it to clean your kitchen, bathroom, garage, sidewalk, and so on.

  • Double your cleaning efficiency - After brushing the floor, you can easily scrape the sewage. Just give the squeegee a gentle squeeze when you are done brushing.
  • Durable & cost-efficient - 3 layers of stiff bristles tackle even the toughest stains. They resist bending and retain their shape over time. 
  • Easily clean corners & hard-to-reach spots - The rotating feature of its brush head makes it accessible to all corners. It easily removes dead-end and corner stains. 

  • Clean like never before - Whether it is your kitchen, garage, bathroom, or sidewalk, the scrub brush broom will effortlessly and miraculously clean it. Experience the unlimited peace and comfort of a cleaned home.

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